Premium RO Flow Restrictor with Quick Connect 800 ML for 100 GPD Membrane

$9.99 $8.99


  • Flow Restrictors (also known as Flow Controls or Capillaries) are required for all reverse osmosis systems. The Flow Restrictor must be properly sized to the RO membrane capacity. Flow Restrictors create pressure throughout the reverse osmosis membrane element and maintain a desired ratio of reject flow (to drain) and permeate (product) flow.


  • Quick connect fittings

  • Simply push your 1/4" poly tube firmly into the quick connect fittings located on both the inlet and outlet ends of the flow restrictor and you are done.

Guideline for selecting an inline flow restrictor


RO Membrane Size
(Gallons Per Day)

Use Flow Restrictor
(ML Per Minute)

36 GPD

420 ML

50 GPD

550 ML

75-100 GPD

800 ML

Service Life

  •  replace the Flow Restrictor each time you replace your reverse osmosis membrane (Recommended as a precaution)

FYI : Some other model may come with flow restrictor insert

RO Membrane Size
(Gallons Per Day)

Use Flow Restrictor

24 GPD


36 GPD Yellow
50 GPD Green
75 GPD Blue

100 GPD


Many RO units have small insert style flow restrictors that are inserted into the 1/8" X 1/4" elbow that connects the drain tube to the membrane vessel.


$9.99 $8.99

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